Have Some Fun Doing Jump Jam

Hi everyone

How are you all going in your bubbles?

I saw this link this morning and thought it could be fun

.Jump Jam Fun

An idea for a fun art project

It has been great catching up on the phone with some families the last couple of days and hearing what you have all been up to. I'm happy to hear that many of you have accessed Epic reading at home. Also lots of you are having fun being crafty and doing lots of art.

I saw this idea today and thought...that doesn't look too hard and you're sure to have the materials at home.

All you need is:
2 litre milk bottle
Some pieces of coloured paper (or pieces of fabric)
Some glue- (you could make a flour and water paste)
And maybe an adult to cut the shape from the bottle

Have fun making yourself an elephant.

Message from Mindful Mover Erica

A lovely message from Erica today.

Great tips for us to stay in our green brain.

Growing our Fitness

This Term Kathy's kaiawhina have asked the question...."How can we grow our fitness?"

Students have been creating a range of activities such as making a booklet of team games, fitness circuits and roll a dice activities.

Chelsey and Alyssa were thrilled to have already created and finished their fitness dice. They are looking forward to sharing this and helping others to grow their fitness.